Supply Chain

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Your supply chain is really more of a life line.  Production lines depend on it, clients depend on it, you depend on it.  Accurate Logistics understands this, and has has many functions that are dedicated to making your supply chain stronger.


This is the link in the supply chain that everyone thinks of first. But it is much more than just when a product arrives at it's destination -- it is dealing with all the influences and variables that might interfere with deliveries.  Let Accurate Logistics consolidate your distribution through our use of freight and courier services; and apply our experience and technologies to keep distribution running smoothly.


Accurate Logistics can help manage the flow of product or other items through your supply chain through warehousing.  We create an on-demand environment making use of off-site storage that allows for you to maximize your space without sacrificing access to necessary resources.

Critical Parts Storage

One aspect of warehousing that has become an emerging trend is the storage of mission-critical parts.  Accurate Logistics can store items for your company (one location or for an entire network or chain of locations) and then deploy the item (expedited) when the need arises.  This can often reduce down-time by not relying on out-of market suppliers or production without forcing you to keep the part in storage at your location -- or every location in your network.

Warehouse / Fulfillment

Already have a warehouse or storage facility?  Accurate Logistics can assist you with that as well.  We can manage the movement and storage of product within your facility with the same accuracy, standards and care we offer when you store your products in one of our locations.

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