Fleet Services

Top-Flight Line Haul and LTL services

At Accurate Logistics, we understand the difficulties involved with forecasting and planning the shipping and receiving of goods. It must reflect the cyclical needs of your customers and must keep distribution flowing. That is why we offer flexible transportation management solutions for both dedicated and scheduled delivery services.

 Accurate Logistics has a team of professionals to accommodate your complex and unique logistical needs. We have the proven capabilities and solutions to help you speed products to market, meet time-critical customer needs, and solve pressing issues. We help our customers constantly improve their transportation networks and gain a competitive advantage, by giving them the means to move their products faster and more efficiently.


Scheduled Service

This service is useful for customers who have large orders requiring scheduled times for pickup and delivery. No matter how many days a week you need a scheduled delivery, we will customize this service to meet your precise needs.


This is more than some guy in funny shorts that shows up at your office and only picks up items that fit into pre-determined boxes. This is a trusted, dependable extension of your staff that keeps your supply chain connected and running on-time, regardless of the size, weight, shape or quantity of your delivery.

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Dedicated Service

What would you do if you had a dedicated delivery and logistics specialist at your disposal whenever you needed them? This service does exactly that, it dedicates an Accurate Logistics driver -- or fleet of drivers and vehicles -- for your needs, at your demand. This allows you to plan for fluctuations in hours, demands and seasonal changes in your business.

Dedicated service can provide consistency and predictability of cost management and can help your company manage future increases and avoid market fluctuations.

Dedicated service can also meet needs when you are serving markets not typically reached by traditional over-the-road providers. It can also be customized to include assistance at load and unload, or multiple stops along a route.

Dedicated service can also be used to help you deal with seasonal capacity changes, growth opportunities and even challenges that may arise with driver qualifications. If you have a specific logistic, delivery or driver need, contact Accurate Logistics and we can assist in building a dedicated service plan to meet your needs.

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TL/LTL Service


We offer Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload nationwide with options for next-day service in much of our service area.

Not only do these services typically offer great savings over parcel services, but they are much more adaptable and can offer a wide range of pricing, security and delivery options.  These services can also accommodate a much wider range of weights and sizes than parcel service carriers.

All of our security and technology and logistics programs can be applied to TL/LTL services, and further customization includes customized insurance options and even liftgate service if the delivery is to a location that does not have a dock available.

NEXT DAY - Overnight service for freight to all major cities in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.  Ask about Two Day service, too.

FULL LOGISTICS - TL and LTL Services anywhere in the United States.  Economical line haul routes throughout the area.

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