Accurate Logistics eco friendly logistics

Eco Friendly Logistics

At Accurate Logistics we recognize sustainability is poised to transform the logistics industry, both in terms of our business model, emerging customer preferences and the range of advanced solutions we will provide moving forward.

sustainability initiatives at Accurate Logistics

Sustainable Initiatives

Our goal is not only to reduce the impact of freight services on the environment, but to ensure our customers benefit from our sustainable initiatives.


The first measure in all of Accurate Logistic's sustainability and environmental programs are very straight-forward — efficiency. We use technology to map the most efficient routes, make the best use of our assets and even minimize inefficient practices (such as prolonged idling of engines). Not only is it responsible, but it just makes good sense to start by reducing waste (and lowering costs.)

Accurate Logistics, like the entire logistics industry, is investing in new technologies that will continue to reduce carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions. In addition to anti-pollution devices present on all newer vehicles the industry is rapidly retrofitting older vehicles with similar anti-pollution devices, lighter wheels, more efficient tire configurations, aerodynamic farings (for trailers and box trucks) and even small accessory generators to make existing vehicles significantly more efficient and environmentally friendly.

In addition, Accurate Logistics is part of an innovative collaboration within the industry that is focused on reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improving fuel efficiency and strengthening the freight sector as a whole. Working together we aim to identify even more ways to simultaneously reduce fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs.