Security has many meanings for Accurate Logistics. From knowing the location of a package at any given moment to guaranteeing the integrity of every last component of a package --or vehicle's - contents. From financial documents to pharmaceuticals, there are many specific security risks addressed by the logistics industry, and we can work with you to develop a security program to meet your needs.

The key to logistics security is understanding and addressing environmental threats. Using a customized risk audit, Accurate Logistics supply chain analysts can identify in-transit and facility theft risks to ensure your supply chain remains secure from dock to dock.

A couple of typical security measures include load escorts, who are trained personnel who physically monitor a load (typically in an unmarked vehicle accompanying the cargo vehicle) and electronic monitors that alert whenever a load deviates from the planned route or makes unauthorized stops. Of course, these are only a couple of tools at our disposal, and for security reasons, we won't be publishing the rest.