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    Big or Small.

    We have you covered.

  • Easy. Reliable. Yours. 

    Top-Flight Line Haul and LTL services

    Flexible transportation management solutions for both dedicated and scheduled delivery services.

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  • In Good Supply

    Supply Chain Management Services

    Your supply chain is really more of a life line. Production lines depend on it, clients depend on it, you depend on it. Accurate Logistics understands this, and has has many functions that are dedicated to making your supply chain stronger.

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  • Speed with a Smile!

    Express Courier Services for every need.

    Electronically Audited and Asset-Tracked 24/7.  Representing the highest standard in expedited local delivery.

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  • In a Moments Notice

    On-Demand Courier Services

    With four levels of On-Demand service, getting your urgent package delivered is just a click away!

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  • Accurate Tracking Logistics Dashboard

    Detailed Analytics

    At Accurate Logistics we utilize detailed analytics to monitor service and quality in real time. Our systems provide closed loop data integrations and an instant window into every individual parcel status, allowing our customers to benefit from real time visibility 24 hours a day.

    Accurate Logistics mobile handheld

    Instant Infrastructure

    Timing is everything in today’s business environment and critical data needs to be there when our customers need it most –right now. Our supply chain solution uses the latest high speed uplink packet access, making system latency a thing of the past.



  • Accurate Logistics eco friendly logistics

    Eco Friendly Logistics

    At Accurate Logistics we recognize sustainability is poised to transform the logistics industry, both in terms of our business model, emerging customer preferences and the range of advanced solutions we will provide moving forward.

    sustainability initiatives at Accurate Logistics

    Sustainable Initiatives

    Our goal is not only to reduce the impact of freight services on the environment, but to ensure our customers benefit from our sustainable initiatives.

  • Leading Accountability

    Leading Accountability

    At Accurate Logistics we strive to be an industry leader in every way, employing many skills and tools to help us reach our goal. Industry leaders require disciplined people, strategic planning, and swift action.

    Culture of continuous improvement

    Continued Growth

    Being an industry leader in logistics is not a fact of circumstance. We feel it is more a matter of conscious choice. We choose to be a leader and have made a pledge to continuously improve for many years to come.

    flexible supply chain solutions from Accurate Logistics

    Flexibility in Logistics

    Logistic flexibility is about much more than just contingency planning at Accurate Logistics.  It is at the core of all that we do on behalf of our clients.  As a trusted logistics provider it is our duty to mitigate any and all risk factors that threaten to disrupt today's just-in-time supply chains.



    secure supply chain at Accurate Logistics

    Secure Supply Protocols

    Understanding environmental threats is critical to implementing an effective logistics security program. Using a customized risk audit, Accurate Logistics supply chain analysts can identify in-transit and facility theft risks to ensure your supply chain is secure from dock to dock.

    24/7 asset tracking security at Accurate Logistics

    Electronic Freight Asset Tracking

    Electronic Asset Tracking gives you visibility into your supply chain 24 hours a day. Accurate Logistics uses a combination of static and covert tracking devices, as well as people and systems to actively monitor your valuable cargo while in transit.